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We Help Businesses Grow Their Sales On LinkedIn!

We create automation tools that can help you to boost your business growth up to 10x.

Our vision

App Orbits is a technology firm that focuses on Automation in different functional domains including CRM, HR and other areas and activities within organization. We have developed enterprise grade solutions that can be implemented at scale.

We understand that every business outcome has its own challenges and requires workflow customization to achieve those milestones. We help our clients achieve their business outcomes with the software solution provided by us.

App Orbits is Founded by Devendra who has 20+ years of experience in Building Emerging Technology Solutions, Strategy, Business Planning, M&A process, B2B sales and raising capital for Startups and Companies in different sectors.

His diversity of experience and education provides a unique blend of analytical and creative thinking to problem-solving.


Services We Offer

Browser Automation | Chatbots | Cybersecurity | CRM Automation | HR Automation | LMS Solution | eCommerce | Mobile Apps


Our Focus Sectors

Retail & Consumer Products | Manufacturing | Banking & Financial Services


Software Development & Solutions

  • Enterprise Solutions
    • OrgChart Maker Tool
    • CRM Automation, HR Automation
    • Chatbots
    • Database Migration, Up gradation and Fine tuning
    • IT Consulting, Program & Project Management
    • Application Maintenance & Modernization
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Dashboard Presentation


  • Custom Software Development
    • Product & System Development
    • Portal & Rich Internet Application Development
    • Open Source Based System Development

The amazing team

Aviral Tiwari

Head of Marketing

Mahesh M.

Head of Development

Hemant G.

Growth Manager

Aanvi T.

Growth Marketer

Mahima M.

Head of Sales

Bhupesh S.

Marketing Executive